Our Staff

Our Staff


Head of Client Relations
Kind, intelligent, and dedicated, Sarah lives with both feet on the ground while finding joy in her work on the daily.

A coffee-loving Colorado native, Sarah was originally a member of our doggie daycare staff. She worked her way up to the reception desk – literally! Our daycare is downstairs. Her pleasant and even-tempered disposition make her a perfect fit to work with animals. With her natural talent for canine communication, it was no surprise when she left us for a short period to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. When she’s not helping other people with their pets, Sarah enjoys being outside with her own pups, Sawyer and Journey. She also shares her home with Rowdy the cat and her husband, Brandon.

Tidbits and Trifles

Life-saver: Sarah completed an American Red Cross pet first aid course.
Birds of a feather: For a long time, she had a conure named Sebastian.
Seaworthy: Sarah’s favorite colors are blue and green.
Bragging rights: She won her fantasy football league this year.

A Day in the Life:

Tell us about an aspect of dog training that fascinates you.

Search and Rescue. I love watching dogs work and find it amazing how they can stay focused.

What part of your work week do you most enjoy?

Every Friday at lunch, I take Sawyer to the dog park and he gets to play with Amber’s dog, Cheyenne.

You love both dogs and cats; if you could live as one or the other, which would you choose?

Dog! I think I would have more adventures.

If you could only have one thing from Starbucks for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Can’t live without the Caramel Frappuccino.


Creative Director
Casey’s quirky personality and whimsical nature make her an appropriate candidate to handle the creative side of the hospital business.

Making it a goal to keep on the sunny side of life, Casey tries to inspire optimism and joy in the everyday routine of her coworkers. She believes that you’re never fully dressed without a smile. Originally from Wyoming, she describes herself as a cosmopolitan country gal; she is as much at home fly fishing or hunting elk in the Wind River Mountains as she is wandering the streets of Paris. She studied abroad in France while earning her Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in French from the University of Wyoming. Life takes its turns and she found herself in Colorado, where she became a part of the Mountain Ridge family. Outside of work, she likes spending time hiking, camping, kayaking, or cross-country skiing. She also enjoys reading and spending time at home with her husband Ken, their cat Pawdrey Hepburn, and their two dogs Indy and Biscuit.

Tidbits and Trifles

Sew-sew: Casey has a habit of quilting in her spare time.
Expect the unexpected: She is trained in the martial art of Krav Maga.
We need more teeth: Casey loves sharks and dinosaurs.
Tooting her own horn: A clarinetist for the better part of 18 years, she plays in the Longmont Concert Band.

A Day in the Life:

So, what’s the deal with all the French?

That’s a question I’m used to. I started studying French in junior high, and I had a natural aptitude for the language, so I kept studying it. By the time I went to college, I loved it more than any other subject, so I stuck with it. Language is just easy for me; French, Spanish, English – it just seems to be my thing.

This wasn’t your plan, but now that you’re here, what do you enjoy most about working in an animal hospital?

I started here because I’ve had dogs and cats all my life; I love animals. I love the idea that I can play some part in helping them to live long, healthy lives. I really enjoy that I get to let my creative side run wild at work. I also love to sing with Lacey and Amber when we’re at work together!

What was your favorite thing about your time in France?

It’s hard to pick. Paris is a beautiful city; I love the history, the museums, and of all the monuments I’ve seen, the Eiffel Tower is my favorite. Normandy, though, is really where I left a piece of my heart. Most of my studying and living was there, and every day from that time is a memory that I treasure.

If you could ask your cat three questions, what would you ask?

If she deigned to reply, I would ask her the following: 1. What is your name? She’s on the books as Pawdrey but we call her Kitten a lot, and I wonder if cats have their own cat names. 2. How much time do you really spend on the countertops while you have the place to yourself? I’ve found her little pawprints on the stainless stovetop. 3. What is your perception of what the world is? She is an indoor cat, so I wonder if her few trips outside and in the car give her any sense of how much world there is outside of her home.


CVT, Head Technician
Jess puts her heart into her job every day. Her outstanding compassion for people and their companions shines through with each and every patient in her care.

Ever since childhood, Jess was determined to work with animals. Immediately after graduating high school, she went to college to study veterinary medicine. She graduated from Bel Rea Institute of Animal Technology in March 2014 and joined the Mountain Ridge family that June. Her love of animals was born early; as an only child, she found furry siblings in her family pets. She now finds companionship in her own pets, including an orange tabby named Tuna, a Goldendoodle puppy named Cider and goldfish with various food names. Although she loves cats and dogs, her spirit animal is the sea turtle! Jess enjoys spending time with her human friends and family, and she lists camping, cooking, going to country concerts, dancing, and traveling among her favorite activities. She is a Colorado native.

Tidbits and Trifles

Deep blue sea – The ocean is her happy place; Jess says the sound of waves rolling onto the beach is the most relaxing sound on earth.
Green thumb – Jess enjoys taking care of indoor plants and an outdoor garden.
Blood and guts – Jess and her boyfriend Nathan are very similar until it comes to watching Grey’s Anatomy when she finds herself on her own.
Pet names – Her pets are named after food in the tradition of her family pets growing up; Snickers, Chili, and Cayenne.

A Day in the Life:

What jams get you pumped up for work?

Any song with a good beat gets me pumped up!

What is one of your favorite things in your vet tech routine?

My favorite thing is when a cat or dog comes in for an appointment and I can still remember them from when they first came in as kittens and pups!

We understand that you have a special affection for sea turtles. What do you love most about them? Have you had the chance to swim with one?

I did swim with the sea turtles in Cancun, Mexico; it was one of the top things on my bucket list!

I love what sea turtles symbolize. Here is “Advice From A Sea Turtle,” which I think can be applied to daily life: Swim with the current, Be a good navigator, Stay calm under pressure, Be Well Traveled, Be at ease in your own shell.


Vet Tech Assistant
Dogs have been lifelong companions for Bri; growing up here in Colorado, her family’s dog was a Schnauzer named Pepper. Bri now has a dog of her own, Zeus, and two cats named Aphrodite and Persephone. In her spare time, when she’s not hanging out with her girlfriend and her furry family, she can often be found with the rest of her human friends and family. She enjoys reading, as well as testing new recipes in her kitchen.

Tidbits and Trifles

Wanderlust: Bri has never been out of the country, but she’d love to visit London.
Muggle-born: Speaking of merry old England, she’s a big Harry Potter fan.
Matter over mind: Bri was originally going to school to study psychology but decided recently to switch to animal medicine instead.
Unique ink: She currently has four tattoos—a bird, a fox, a quote, and a mandala.

A Day in the Life:

What song gets you ready to start the day?

Beautiful Trauma by P!ink.

What’s the story behind the Greek-inspired pet names?

We thought it would be funny to name my 10-pound Chihuahua Zeus, and when we got my cats, we just decided to continue the theme. We want our next dog to be a German Shepherd named Hades.

If you could be any breed of dog, what would you choose?

I have a soft spot for Huskies and Pits!

What do you look forward to most coming to work?

I love being able to play fetch with the dogs in the morning for a couple of hours! But my favorite part of the day is when the pups get sleepy around the end of the day and come up wanting cuddles.


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