New Independent Ownership of Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital

New Independent Ownership of Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital

It is with great enthusiasm and gratitude that we announce new independent ownership of Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital. The transaction became effective July 1, 2017, and we thank Dr. Rob Landry for entrusting us to carry on a business built through his own hard work and dedication. We wish Dr. Landry the best of luck as he moves on to outside academic pursuits surrounding pain management and research.

Both Dr. Jennifer Bentz and Dr. Erin Walters are remaining on board and we are grateful to have their guidance on this new path. In addition, you can expect the same dedicated service from the familiar faces of our certified veterinary technicians, receptionists, and dog day care staff. The new ownership team is comprised of Peter Burge. We are local and independent.

Peter is a 4th generation Coloradan living in Denver with his wife and two dogs. He has over a decade of experience in veterinary management and understands that outstanding service to clients starts with genuine caring for our staff. As for myself, I am a proud University of Colorado undergraduate and have been working as a small animal veterinarian in Boulder County since 2011.

My philosophy surrounding small animal veterinary medicine is relatively simple; it is based on the love between pets and their owners. I was in Costa Rica a while back with my wife and two kids. We were strolling down the beach when we spotted a ragged old Basset Hound staring intently out to sea. He seemed friendly enough, but shrugged off our advances. He was focused. We respected his decision and left him to his task. Two hours passed and the sage old hound was still at it. About the time we were packing up, the old timer broke his trance, hobbled down his sand dune and bounded into the water with a wagging tail. Being a Basset Hound, he was waist deep in no time. The driving force behind this unexpected shot of momentum suddenly presented itself as his owner coming in from a surf session. Old Basset Hound’s owner was now back on solid ground, and his dog was simply ecstatic. Turns out, after asking a nearby local about the heartwarming scene, this is the pair’s routine more days than not.

I know some version of this story is true for most of you. It certainly is for me. My dog and three cats practically mob me when I come home in the evening. This is a given for most dog owners. Even the most discerning of cats will usually give a complimentary back arch or leg stretch to acknowledge the good feeling they get when their person enters the room. It’s amazing. They love us unconditionally and ask only for food and affection in return.

The staff at Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital knows this too. The relationship with our animals have their own character, but each is based on love. We know your animals are no different. We know you are going to do the best you can do and we are here to guide you along this path. We are here to tell you how we care for our own beloved four-legged friends while offering sound advice regarding the care of your own. Not only are we rigorously trained and highly experienced in the field of veterinary medicine, we are passionate about the welfare of animals and understand the life-enriching role these short lives play in our own. We look excitedly toward the future with clear vision and a foundation based on a mutual love and respect for animals and one another. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this transition. We are humbled by your loyalty and continued support.

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