Bearr Needs Our Help!

Bearr Needs Our Help!

Dear clients and friends of Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital,

One of our philosophies most commonly discussed amongst our team here is about the “why” of things in this industry. To define the function of veterinary medicine is easy; everyone knows “what” we do. It is a far more complex question to know why. Broadly speaking, life is short and cruel, and even more so for the pets that we adopt into our care. We take them in because life is also full of wonderful things and joyful moments, and having the unconditional love of an animal companion brings out the best in us. The bond between people and animals is forged from a special and unique kind of love, and love is humanity’s best and most important attribute. Helping animals is helping people.

We have become aware of a situation in which one of our clients needs our help. He confided in us some details of personal trials that he is enduring, and we suggested the possibility of reaching out for help in his time of great need. He and his wife deliberated on our offer, both being hesitant to make their financial burden another person’s problem. He has spent the last fourteen years fighting a rare immune system disease which was originally diagnosed as brain cancer with a very short life expectancy. With his family in crisis mode and after two invasive brain surgeries, he was left without the use of the entire right side of his body, including hearing and vision loss. The support of family and friends has enabled him to resume life, and he has since returned to work full time, in spite of some major handicaps. Amid his own health issues, his wife was involved in a serious auto accident that resulted in their decision to fuse the bones in her upper neck. She, too, is finally returning to some semblance of normal life after six years of therapy and pain.

Over the years, Jim and Janan have adopted many dogs together. All have been rescue dogs, and all regarded as their children. They have always taken whatever necessary steps to give their dogs the greatest lives possible and best care available. Their dog Bearr and his brother Chevy were rescues from the Humane Society of Boulder. The addition of these two gave Jim and Janan a pack of five large dogs. One was lost to old age and two to cancer over the last year so that now only Bearr and Chevy remain. During the past four months, Bear has developed a condition which causes him to chronically regurgitate his food. He struggles to eat and vomits most of what he manages to get down. They have been to two other veterinary hospitals and spent thousands of dollars trying to find a cure. Their struggle with Bearr’s mystery illness has brought them to us here at Mountain Ridge. They have been able to get him to eat enough to gain some much-needed weight over the past two months, but he still weighs 20 pounds less than his brother. The next diagnostic step to forward his treatment would be to have a scope inserted in his throat to investigate the cause of his gagging. This procedure is quite costly and only the first step in fighting what could be a long battle. Jim and Janan have always put pets and family first, and they will not allow him to suffer in his current state without taking action to get him healthy, but to do so they need help.

They are turning now to others for aid. They would do anything to get Bearr healthy on their own, but they are running out of options. Jim’s end goal today is to create a fund that will continue to help others receive the care they need for their pets. Jim and Janan insist that any and all monies that become superfluous when Bearr’s needs are met will be paid forward to the next desperate pet parent who needs help taking care of their fur baby. Donations can be made to the Good Samaritan account at Mountain Ridge Animal hospital by credit card, cash, or checks made out to MRAH. Thank you for your support.

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