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Jennifer Bentz

Motivated by her compassion and enthusiasm, Jenny comes to work every day prepared to give her all to help her patients. She invested a lot of time and effort to become a really remarkable veterinarian—she can even do acupuncture on your dog!

With her luminous smile and jubilant laughter, Jenny fills our hospital halls with sunshine. Having devoted over a decade of her life to caring for patients that come to Mountain Ridge, her dedication to this field is illustrated in her work every day. Her compassion for animals and their owners is outshone only by her love for her three-year-old son, August. Jenny’s interest in animals expands to the equine realm, where she has a history of riding Dressage. In her downtime, Jenny enjoys hanging with friends and family and heading to the mountains for some hiking. She has hiked several 14ers; her favorites were the four peaks of the Presidential Range.

Tidbits and Trifles

Tropical taste: Jenny has traveled to several exotic destinations, including Antigua, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, and Hawaii.
Sweet tooth: Her favorite foods include ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and dark chocolate with sea salt.
Curiouser and Curiouser: The strangest thing Jenny has ever tasted was an elderberry flower; she had it in a cocktail exclusive to the Chandelier Bar in Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan hotel.
Puppy preference: Her favorite dog breeds are Boxers and Labrador Retrievers.

A Day in the Life:

What do you enjoy most about veterinary medicine?

I love the constant challenge; no two days are alike. Best of all is seeing and being able to foster the human-animal bond. It’s incredible how important our animals are as our companions, and every day I strive to be a part of making them well and helping keep them healthy.

Do you have a personal philosophy when it comes to patient care?

No two animals are exactly alike. My philosophy is to treat each patient for their individual needs as well as what is right for their human family.

What is your favorite song to jumpstart your day?

I really like anything energetic that has a good beat!

What is your idea of a perfect day hike?

If I’m staying in town, I really enjoy hiking Sanitas. If I have time to leave town, my favorite hike is Mohawk Lakes in Breckenridge.

Erin Walters

With her gentle soul and caring heart, Erin couldn’t be more perfectly suited for a veterinary career.

The Mountain Ridge staff is lucky to count Erin as a part of our family. Gifted with patience and compassion, her presence here radiates kindness and positivity. Outside of work, her family had a recent expansion with the addition of baby boy Lewis! She has been very busy being a first-time mom, and she reports that her experience so far includes lots of diapers, laundry, and love. She also enjoys being a mom to two fur babies, Captain Scurvy Purr the black and white domestic shorthair, and Watson the orange tabby. A Colorado native, Erin was born and raised in Boulder. She spends her spare time running, hiking, and hanging out with her awesome husband, Blake.

Tidbits and Trifles

Foodie: Erin will eat pretty much anything; she’ll at least try everything once!
Disney gal: She loves all things Disney! She and her husband spent their honeymoon at Disney World and had a blast.
Gifted from the start: Erin was born on Christmas Day. Instead of wrapping her in a baby blanket, the hospital put her in a Christmas stocking.
DIY junkie: She loves home improvement shows and could watch HGTV all day long. (She admits that she has occasionally watched it all day long, thanks to maternity leave!)

A Day in the Life:

On your adventure in motherhood, what do you think has been your favorite part so far? What are you most looking forward to?

My favorite part so far has been seeing Lewis smile! It melts my heart every time he does it. I am looking forward to teaching him new things each day. I hope Blake and I can raise him to be a kind, open-minded person.

What is the mantra that gets you through the day?

Attitude is everything! Although I sometimes lose sight of this, life is so much better when I try to see the positive side of things.

Do you have a personal philosophy for practicing veterinary medicine?

I try to treat each pet as I would treat my own!

Evan Lehman

A welcomed addition to our Mountain Ridge family, Evan contributes his bright smile and can-do attitude to the team. His kindness and passion for animals put him right at home with us.

Evan brings over a decade of veterinary practice to our table; he completed his clinical training at the University of Pennsylvania, and graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2012. After completing a rotating internship at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in New York City, he pursued advanced training in emergency and critical care. He has spent the majority of his career practicing emergency medicine in some of the busiest specialty hospitals in both New York City and Denver, and is now settling into general practice with us at Mountain Ridge. Originally from New York, Evan made his way to Colorado through a lot of moves; from Michigan to Utah, out to St. Kitts and back to Philadelphia and New York, he has since established his home in the Rocky Mountain West with his wife Megan. They enjoy taking advantage of the 300 days of sunshine, and can be found skiing, golfing, mountain biking, and generally exploring the great outdoors with their dogs Olsen and Penny. Now firmly rooted in Colorado, they recently welcomed the newest human member of their family, baby Libby!

Tidbits and Trifles

Sports fan: As a native New Yorker, Evan roots avidly for the Yankees, Jets, and Rangers.
Head to toe style: He has an eclectic and eccentric taste in socks, including but not limited to Star Wars themed.

A Day in the Life:

You seem like an adventurer; if you could take a trip to hike and explore any mountains in the world, where would you go?

I would love to check out the Patagonia region, and Argentina and Chile.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job at Mountain Ridge?

The most fulfilling part of my job is being able to develop relationships with the goal of improving quality of life for both pets and parents.

What is your personal philosophy for practicing veterinary medicine?

My personal philosophy for practicing veterinary medicine revolves around open and honest communication. I feel that it is important to present pet parents with as many possible options and outcomes so they can make the most educated decisions. Every animal is different and there is no one way to treat any given issue.

Whitney Evans

Whitney’s warm smile and vibrant personality made her a welcome member of the
Mountain Ridge family from day one.

A native of Jackson, Wyoming, Whitney came to Colorado to attend veterinary school at
Colorado State University. She has always loved the mountains, but she found another
great love in her husband, Nate, and she has now been practicing veterinary medicine
in the Denver area for eight years. Dentistry and feline medicine are of particular
interest to her. She and her husband have a house full of fur babies, including three
dogs, Foxy, Mini, and Rhett, as well as a senior kitty they affectionately call Squeaks.
Outside of the hospital, Whitney enjoys skiing, hiking, and backpacking. One of her
favorite backpacking trips was climbing the Grand Teton of the Teton Range in Jackson,
and her favorite Colorado adventure so far was the Four Pass Loop in the Aspen area.
When she’s not on adventures or helping animals, Whitney loves to cook and hang out
at home with Nate and the fur-family.

Tidbits and Trifles

A little corny: Whitney endeavors to keep healthy eating habits, but confesses that she has a weak spot for corn dogs.
Three cheers: Her time on the cheer squad has taken her all over the world, from the New Year’s Day Parade in London to rugby matches in Australia.
Balanced: Whitney is a certified yoga instructor.
Variety is the spice of life: She is a metal head and mostly listens to hard rock, but her guilty pleasure is Taylor Swift.

A Day in the Life:

Do you have a personal philosophy when it comes to practicing veterinary medicine?

My personal philosophy for practicing veterinary medicine is to provide high quality care for the entire family at every visit to help enhance the bond between people and their pets.

What inspires you in your everyday work?

I’m fortunate to be in this profession for so many reasons. I get to work with caring owners and colleagues, there is always the opportunity to continue to learn, and I get to help pets feel their best.

We know you’re adventurous; if you could take a backpacking trip anywhere in the
world, where would you go?

If I could backpack anywhere in the world, it would be Patagonia. Since Evan (Lehman) already stole this one…another great adventure would be heli-skiing in Alaska.


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