About Us

About Us

Our Mission Statement

At Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital, we endeavor to improve people’s lives through their pets with the teamwork of our dedicated, highly trained staff whose work comes from the heart. We bring individualized care to the veterinary industry through independent and free thought so that we can encourage the human-animal bond and help animals help their people.

Our specialty is taking care of your feline and canine companions. We provide medical treatment for sick and injured pets, and preventative and wellness care to keep them healthy. Digital x-ray equipment, in-house laboratory testing and external reference labs make us capable of a broad spectrum of diagnostic services. We also work closely with specialists in the area to find the best treatment options for all of our patients. For routine as well as unexpected procedures, your furry friends will be well cared for in our state of the art surgery suite. On the lighter side, our facility also houses a doggie daycare and overnight boarding for dogs and cats.

“Animals are amazing. They embody our best human qualities of love, loyalty, and gratitude with the apparent absence of ego. Their roles may vary from one family to the next, but without question they enhance our lives. Our goal is to deliver care and advice that allow your companion to live a full, healthy life so they can do what they do best; love you.”


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